Tasting Notes


2012 Un-oaked Chardonnay
Our 2012 Un-oaked Chardonnay is a Clavey Crew favorite and our second vintage of our first white varietal! With fruit forward characteristics of apple and pear this classic offers your palate well balanced tones throughout each glass.


2012 Oaked Chardonnay (89 pts. Silver Medal at California State Fair)
Aged in our French Oak barrels, our Oaked Chardonnay offers hints of peach and pear that is accompanied by a smooth vanilla finish. Pair this wine with a delicious dark chocolate mouse or custard to complete your ultimate experience.

2012 Class III  -SOLD OUT-
75% Sauvignon Blanc, 5% Semillion, and 20% Chardonnay
Our dry unique blend served chilled offers zestful hints of lemon and orange throughout each mouthful.  Our blend pairs well with fresh fruits, vegetables, or seafood.

2012 Sangiovese (85 pts. Bronze Medal at California State Fair)
If you’re looking for a delicious traditional table wine, this is the choice for you. While offering you aromas of cherry, our 2010 Sangiovese renders lively hints of cherry, strawberry and raspberry throughout each sip. To accompany its dry vigorous finish pair with mild cheeses such as (but not limited to) Fontina or Ackawi.

2012 Rose’(Sangiovese)(89 pts. Bronze Medal at California State Fair)
Made using the Saignee` method, our unique and beautiful 2012 Rose’ was first incepted after the juice from our 2012 Sangiovese was bled off and transferred into stainless steel barrels where it aged for 16 months. Chilled and enjoyed at a cool temperature of 50°our wine offers a fragrant nose of a strawberry with a tasteful bold undertone of a pineberry and a beautiful garnet color. Whether you prefer white wines or red our 2012 Rose` makes for a nice change to your routine. Pair with grilled vegetables (such as peppers, onions and/or mushrooms). You may also enjoy pasta tossed lightly in an olive oil or butter sauce with fresh Parmesan Reggiano, basil and chopped cherry tomatoes.

2009 Syrah/Sangiovese  -SOLD OUT-
This light untraditional blend brings an Italian and French varietal together in a very complimentary way. While still extending fruit forward characteristics of cherry and strawberry, this varietal offers a nice alternative to the bright traits of our 2010 Sangiovese, leaving your palate a short, more rounded but satisfying finish.

2009 Syrah  -SOLD OUT-
This light rounded Syrah is one that has proven itself over the years to be a Clavey Crew favorite. If you’re looking for a fruit forward wine without a spritzig finish, this is the choice for you. While having distinct taste of cherry and cranberry, this Syrah varietal will compliment most Italian meals or light tapas.

2011 Syrah
This light untraditional Syrah is one of fruit forward tones of marionberry, cherry and strawberry. Chilled at a temperature of 58˚ in the warm months makes for a nice alternative to a white varietal.

2012 Syrah (91 pts. Gold Medal at San Francisco International Wine Competition) -SOLD OUT-
Although young, our 2012 Syrah is one of our award winning wines. Offering a balanced bouquet of fruit, light tannins and medium body this opulent and complex wine renders mild jammy tones of blackberry and cherry. With characteristics that are evenly distributed throughout your palate pair this with a hearty meal tender lamb, beef or with a snack of goat cheese on a flakey cracker. While still light in body, this wine will complement any library, as it will age well.

2012 Zinfandel
Our 2012 Zinfandel is one of fine excellence. With and herbaceous bouquet, yet fruitful hints of plum, blackberry and cherry. Although juvenile, this wine offers a full body like none other with a velvety finish. Enjoy this unparalleled wine with your favorite piece of dark chocolate or exclusively.

2012 Merlot
If you enjoy medium bodied reds, our 2012 Merlot is for you. A pleasant yet simple wine, well balanced with fruit and oak offers you lush textures and tones to sip on at any time of year. Enjoy this wine isolated, or paired with a mild creamy cheese and cured meats.

2012 Cabernet Sauvignon (95 pts. Gold Medal at California State Fair)
This ageworthy red wine is full body with complex layers of herbs, blackberry, cherry and raspberry with a velvet finish. Although still blossoming our Cabernet Sauvignon is one that will make a great addition to your personal wine library. Enjoy this wine with your bold meal of choice or as a glass. We guarantee you’ll enjoy it.

2013 Cabernet Sauvignon
Although still young, our non traditional light bodied 2013 Cabernet Sauvignon vintage is a wine to easily enjoy in its current state while offering a balance of cherry and blackberry. Aged in French Oak, this wine shows promise of aging to its full potential if stored properly in your wine library. This young wine is well complimented by an aerator or a decanter. Pair with a creamy goat cheese and pear preserve or a sharp cheddar and mild salami.

2012 Class IV (A blend of 25% Syrah 25% Cabernet Sauvignon 25% Sangiovese 25% Merlot)
This blend from our winery offers a unique bouquet showcasing the different characteristics of each varietal. Our Zinfandel brings a jammy -raisin flavor to the wine, while the Syrah and Sangiovese add cherry and blackberry attributes, which are rounded off by the medium body plum finish from the Cabernet. Pairs well with pasta lightly tossed in a creamy Bolognese sauce.


Special Reserve

2010 Cabernet Sauvignon – SOLD OUT –
One of our winemakers’ favorite! Not only did he personally hand-pick these delicious grapes from the Napa Valley, he also spent an considerable amount of time grooming this wine throughout its time spent fermenting and aging. Although young in age, this elegant wine has proven itself to be of mature quality. Having a refined silky texture, this herbaceous full-bodied wine is a treat most anyone will enjoy. Our 2010 Cabernet Sauvignon pairs excellent with savory puff pastries or to make things interesting try pairing it with a robust sorbet.

Award Winning 2010 Syrah – SOLD OUT –
Clavey Vineyards & Winery is proud to present to you a 2010 bronze award winning wine of the Long Beach Grand Cru, California State Fair and San Francisco International Wine Competition. Accompanied with a foxy aroma, if you take a chance to appreciate its deep ruby color, you will also find yourself enchanted by its dense flavors and spicy finish. Enjoy this wine with a soufflé or a seasonal pastry that offers hints of cinnamon or nutmeg.

2006 Syrah – SOLD OUT –
This traditional medium bodied Syrah is one that introduces your senses to a well-rounded experience of fruit forward characteristics of plum, black berry and cherry and finishes with a peppery finish. Pair this wine with a creamy pasta sauce or a roasted red meat.

Award Winning 2005 Syrah – SOLD OUT –
Winning ‘Best of Show’, Nevada County and the Finger Lakes International Wine Competitions our 2005 Syrah marks the first commercial vintage of Clavey Vineyards & Winery. While grown and harvested during a year of many California fires, this vintage of our Syrah renders a smoky nose, yet velvety finish. This opulent and complex wine also offers mild jammy tones that are evenly distributed throughout your palate.  Although you could pair this with tender lamb or beef, it is best enjoyed exclusively on its own