_MG_9796Located at an elevation of 2,350 feet above sea level, the vineyard sits on 15 southern exposed acres within Nevada County. The Sierra Foothills are known for their warm summer days, cool nights and mild winters. Being on the same latitude as Italy, it has proven itself to be an ideal environment for various varietals of Vitis. Our area, characterized by a more rigid climate, contributes to the production of wines of outstanding excellence.

Through practicing sustainable agriculture Clavey is able to protect the soil and local ecosystem by abstaining from the use of harmful chemicals. Because our irrigation comes from local high mountain watersheds, we make sure to abstain from what is found to be abrasive to our soils and local waterways. At Clavey Vineyards & Winery we work to build healthy topsoil with natural cover crops to prevent soil erosion, nutrient depletion and run off.  At Clavey we pride ourselves in creating outstanding, boutique wines that are not only high quality, but also sustainable as a result of our environmental diligence.