What’s in a Name

While rafting down Clavey Falls, a Class V rapid on the Tuolumne River, Marc Orman and his brother Rodger encountered an unforgettable experience which caused the brothers to lose all of their food and gear. After rescuing themselves from the all consuming rapid Marc returned home to his wife and son telling the tale of flipping and swimming the rapid as their gear and beer was swallowed-up by the “river gods”. Soon after his return, Marc witnessed the birth of his second son who was named Daniel Clavey, as to always remember the positive outcome of that fateful day on the river.

Being a seasoned rafter and maintaining his love for this classic white-water sport, Marc then proceeded to name the vineyard and winery ‘Clavey’.

Currently owned and operated by himself and his two sons Joshua and Daniel, Clavey Vineyards & Winery is a boutique vineyard and winery nestled within the Sierra Foothills in Chicago Park, California with their tasting room located close by in neighboring Nevada City, California.